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6 apr. 2024

Spring Market 2024 (ENG)

On Saturday 6 April we welcome you to a Spring Market at Älmhults handelsplats. In front of Live! Arena there will be a a number of different vendors and food trucks where you can buy everything from traditional market products to locally produced treats. There will also be fun activities for children.

Date: Saturday 6 April
Time: 10 am - 3 pm
Place: Outside, in front of Live! on Älmhults handelsplats.
No Entrance fee: The market is outside and free of charge for visitors.

At the Spring Market

At the market we will have a lot of fun activities such as bouncy castles, face painting and a quiz (tipsrunda). The parking lot in front of Live! will be filled by food trucks, offering coffee, langos, thai food, tacos, baguettes, donuts and churros. From our visiting vendors you can buy sweets, balloons, honey, sausage, fish, jewelry, ceramics, crafts, books, decorations, stuffed animals and a lot more.

At the market you can meet RC Club, showing their model airplanes, Wellness studio and beekeeper Claudia Santoni. IKEA and Carl Nilsson AB will also be here to share inspiration about products that will help you get ready for springtime.


Live! Älmhult

Handelsvägen 6
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